Karmic Relationships


The karmic relationship is very different from a Soulmate-relationship, or a Twin flame relationship. I have already written about the difference between soulmates and twin flames in my previous article “Twin flame and soulmates”.

Many people get involved in relationships that often end up with tragic separations. Before moving ahead, I would like to clear some concepts.

A Karmic Relationship

 The difference between karmic relationship, twin flames, and soulmates.

Soulmates are important relations in your life, that brought you or about to bring some major changes in your life that will teach you some important lessons, that is very much important for you to learn it, your inner spirit wants you to learn it and to complete your soul purpose.

Soulmates can be your friends, parents, guardians, teachers, siblings or romantic partner, enemies etc.

But the karmic relationship is mostly about the continuation of past karma with a particular person until it gets balanced and heals the past life wounds, certainly, it is not that easy for both because both has to challenge each other’s beliefs, ego, the dark side of their nature.

Whereas twin flames are the actually the two halves of  a soul (I have already discussed it in my previous article ” 11:11 Twin flame and soulmates 11:11″ )

In karmic relationship, two people come together and work on their issues like ego, selfish nature etc.., you can say this relationship hurts you badly and become a major turning point in your life, their role in our life is temporary, but many people in these relationships go through many traumatic experiences, we will talk about it.

Now the question is how people get into such relationships? if I have to answer this question in few words I will say because of their dark side.

It’s natural everybody has a dark side, no one is perfect but to realize our dark side and weakest point of our nature one has to go through such relationship, so never blame yourself for anything, everything happens for a certain reason.

These relationships will bring all your past wounds, fears, anxieties, egocentric selfishness on the surface and these relationships go through many conflicts, power struggles, fears etc.

The soul chooses this kind of difficult relationships because to refine their natural potential of healing, growth and to experience the real love.

A karmic relationships often are abusive, either verbally or physically. We often get in touch with such people until we learned lessons which are important for our life.

Lessons in life will be repeated until they are learned “and the karmic relationships are the big example of this quote…!

You get attracted to such people very easily, this attraction is physical, and it’s a physical attraction that attracts you towards them, the way they speak, laugh, the smell of their skin, act etc. everything drives you crazy.

People who suffered emotional trauma in their childhood, they often makes such mistakes, they look for partner who can love them, make them feel very special, they need love, these people are emotionally very sensitive, they just look for someone who can love them, so these people don’t think too much before getting into any relationship and anyone can easily get dominate over them and use them, these kinds of relationships often have sad endings.

Mostly younger people become victims of such relationship, it may turn into a serious issue, nowadays the social media played a very important role, so I suggest parents must take care of this and Make them aware of the evil side of social networking sites.

The karmic relationship makes you strong only when you become courageous enough to get out of such relationships, people who get trapped in such relationship they face emotional traumas, some people decide to live just like that without raising voice for their rights and some people choose to FIGHTand rise above like a PHEONIX rises from its ashes.

Never make the same mistake again and again, you deserve love, happiness and u don’t have to compromise with it or beg for it, and above allEVERYONE DESERVES RESPECT.

Problems we suffer in the karmic relationship:-

  • Stay away from the people who use I more than WE in the relationship
  • Relationships do have some ups and down, compromises but never compromise on your self-respect and remember there is a thin line difference between ego and self-respect (have a look at my previous article “ego and self-respect”)
  • The karmic relationship has fought and mostly end up with sex, don’t think that it’s a good thing because it is also an abusive relationship.
  • Anger and rage are very common in karmic relationship
  • Lack of loyalty and respect.
  • It is very hard to get out of this kind of relationships because these relationships are very addictive
  • Very dominating, no room for freedom
  • Sex is priority
  • You start feeling unsafe and uncomfortable with your partner
  • Avoiding responsibilities
  • Come to you only for sex and for selfishness purpose.
  • The house turns into a prison for you.
  • Kids have traumatic experiences that will affect their future too.
  • Depression led to weight loss or weight gain.


Advantages of karmic relationship

  • Balance your karma.
  • Makes you more courageous, confident.
  • You will be strong enough to take your decisions independently.
  • You will learn the true meaning of love and will love unselfishly.
  • You will learn to heal yourself and others.
  • It will change your perception towards everything.


In the karmic relationship, people have to suffer a lot but it is just like sharpening the diamond makes it more worthful, it makes you a very strong person and indeed a new person, you will learn a lot about everything.


Search for the beautiful heart, not a beautiful face, beautiful things are not always good but good things are always beautiful”

Thank you so much

May God bless you all with everything you deserve to be happy..!!

Sapnali .
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Many people get confused about the difference between twin flames and soulmates.

Soulmates: Soul + Mates

Soul mates are the mates of our soul (in any important relation to us).

They are the true mates of our soul. They may come in our lives in the form of family – i.e. brothers, sisters, father, mother, etc. or in the form of relatives, friends, enemies, romantic partners, or they could even come as a stranger with whom we interact for just 4-5 minutes.

The actual purpose of our soul-mates is to make us ready for our twin flame. How? They help us in learning the most important lessons of our life – and these lessons are very important for both our physical and spiritual life. You can say that they are here to build a strong bridge between the physical world and the spiritual world.


As we all know,

Everything happens for a certain reason – every person that crosses our path has a certain role to play in our life, and after finishing their role they will disappear forever.


Have a look..!!

Stranger: – sometimes strangers can teach us some lessons important for our present situation. Let’s take an example: – me: – I don’t know many of you, but if you are reading this article, I and my words may cause some slight change to occur in your present situation. Certainly, you will learn something from this.

Or when, for example, you see a smiling baby (teaching you HOPE), a beautiful old couple (Teaching you LOVE, SERENITY) and many more things, that you need to learn at that moment.

Family: – Some people are lucky to have loving parents, they teach you about mutual respect, understanding, and love.

Some people have to see the differences between their parents, they teach you the importance of mutual respect, understanding, and love in your life and in every relationship.

Enemies: – The enemies certainly play a very important role in your life, they challenge your will, ideology, action, they teach you how to take Important decisions in your life, they bring you pain but make you stronger than before, they tear you apart just to make you realize how strong you are, how courageous you are. They do everything to hurt you just to make you tougher.

Romantic partners: – Some are lucky to have a romantic partner, they make you more loveable, their main purpose in your life to neutralize your anger, past traumas, pain, make you more confident.

Some people have gone through many bad relationships, yet it doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve love or anything like that. All it means is that you are repeating the same mistake again and again – that you really need to make some change that is very important.

The most common mistake that people make is to Trust easily”, is to “seek sympathy” or become fully dependent on others, instead of this you need to “become more strong , more self –dependent, “let your love come to you, let yourself free first, don’t rush, don’t run..!! Let it come to you at the perfect time.

They teach you to cut all past cords, all the people who no longer serve you in your present.

Lessons in our life get repeated again and again until we learn

Soulmates can last long with you for a min for an hour, for a week, for years or for a whole lifetime.



A very special divine spiritual connection between two souls. It is a strong sign of spiritual enlightenment.

 After learning all important lessons, your soul will get free from all your earthly desires (money, greed, lust etc.), when you will come into your full consciousness of the energy around you and love around you. You will unlock your gift, you will come to know the real purpose of your life and everyone has their life purpose.

And then your SOUL will call on to your own half soul, your twin flame, your life purpose will be the same, you both will be ready by that time to take the responsibility of your life purpose.

NOTE: – So, you don’t have to waste your time in search of your twin soul, it will only come to you when the time is right and at the right moment when you become fully aware of your gift and conscious about who you really are..!!!

Don’t look for signs or put any question like how will you come to know to that a particular person is your twin flame or not?? As I told you before you don’t have to go out and find your flame, it will come to  you according to divine timing and you will ultimately feel that connection and every person has unique journey and unique experience, so every lightworker (fully conscious person) has the unique story of the reunification with their twin flame…!!


As we all know we are a form of energy and the energy is eternal. When these energies come into the earth plane, they get separated into two halves, and then they get incarnated with the specific body, that they mean to incarnate with. It may happen that both energies incarnate with the same bodies like female body, or male or one energy incarnate with a male body and other with the female body.

NOTE: – While entering into the earth plane we get surrounded with many earthly desires and expectations that block our chakras it means they block the flow of pure energy.

To clean it up or you can say to come back into the pure form of energy by cutting the cords of EARTHLY desires ( money, lust, greed etc. ) and expectations, BOTH SOULS HAVE TO “” INCARNATE AGAIN AND AGAIN “” TILL THEY BECOME LIGHTWORKERS “”AGAIN””.

Reunification will occur in the certain incarnation, at a certain place, at a certain time, according to the divine law.

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STARSINTHESKY - flying bird

I saw the pain, I’ve been so much, is that what I am?

Lying on my bed, surrounded by many thoughts, hoping for a miracle, to turn my life, just like that, is that what I need?

Weeping with this silent night, hoping for the magical door to open up and take me far away from this place, is that what I am looking for?

No NEVER, I have something to do more

This is not my story, this CAN`T be my story, the story is about to reveal, it’s time to get up from my bed

Instead of running from my TRUTH, TIME TO FACE THE TRUTH,


 I am not here to fulfill others demands,


 And make some tough decision that I always wanted to..!!



 I am free bird and it’s time to open my wings, n fly high as much as I can,

It’s time to get over with those negative energy holding me back, its time to let go of my past,

PAST IS “”JUST”” A PAST and the best things of past is “”IT’S GONE””

I’m STRONG, I’m strong enough to deal my situation, I’m ready to do ONE-ON-ONE with my past cords, with my negative thoughts, with my excuses, I am alive and I strong.

Coz my past is not my present, “I AM” PRESENT and “I AM” FUTURE.

I have choice, I chose to BE HAPPY,


With this positive energy I can see, I am standing with my army, ready to face and WIN this battle.



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Ego and self-respect


People often get confused with the words Ego and Self-respect. There is a thin line of difference between ego and self-respect.


What is the ego?

Let me make it clearer with an example. If a person made a mistake and he “KNOWS” that he made that mistake, and he is still not accepting it, and instead of accepting it, he is trying to blame others for his deeds, with a so-called tag “I have self-respect” or “I did because of my self-respect”. These people are EGOISTIC PEOPLE.


Self-respect means “I respect my true self “ i.e. I follow the voice of my intuition, my heart”. The person who knows the difference between right and wrong, is courageous, has faith in GOD, is the person who has self-respect in the real sense.

Thank you


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